Spyrus Portable & Secure Windows & Linux SSD Drives

A hardware and software encrypted secure operating system environment that can be used in the office, at home or on any computer or laptop with an available USB port.

Use case 1 - Remote Working

The SPYRUS family of Windows To Go devices assure a secure, managed endpoint that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure even when the device is offline, hardware and software encryption prevents against accidental data loss or theft additionally restrict devices to read-only mode and force users to access the corporate network via a web portal or by executing a VDI application, ensuring all data resides on the network but still allowing workers full access, providing a truly secure and trusted endpoint.

Use Case 2 - Disaster Recovery

The SPYRUS WTG drives provide a functional and a quick way to get users back online and allow businesses to keep running in case of; Natural disasters, power outages or malware infections by allowing companies to quickly deploy Windows To Go drives with the corporate image, providing security, user productivity and minimal down time. Workers can work remotely from any admin approved location and still have access to all corporate applications and company network all within a secure environment.

Use Case 3 - Extending Life of a PC

Save up to 75% in per-employee IT costs, remove the need for purchasing new hardware and software, and give life to old PC's and Mac's by deploying SPYRUS WTG drives with SSD quality memory speeds, providing a 2-5X performance improvement and allowing old machines to be repurposed and networked with the corporate image.

Use Case 4 - Compliance

The SPYRUS WTG Live drives provide the strongest Data-at-Rest protection with full Suite B cryptography, providing staff and contractors with a fully secure Windows or Linux operating environment that can be fully managed by IT. Spyrus Windows To Go drives boot the OS and completely bypass the host computer's hard drive.

Next Steps

For more information on the SPYRUS solutions contact us below or book a test session at our Labs in Kiev, Ukraine.