Novastone Secure Messaging Platform

Move away from email, control conversations and improve engagement and compliance with the Novastone Secure Messaging Platform.

Replace traditional email with real-time conversations

Faced with increasing levels of fraud, there is also a growing recognition that email no longer meets the needs of organisations that rely on secure and verified communication with their clients. When instructions and the transfer of certain confidential information can no longer be made by email, the process becomes more inefficient. The resulting phone calls and use of other communication channels take up more time and compromise the client experience.

Instant Messaging

For instant messaging to be a viable alternative to email, it needs to be secure and easy-to-use, as well as enabling efficient, confidential and compliant conversations.

Novastone's messaging solution is built for high value customer interactions and moves these relationships from the inbox into a conversation.


Novastone is a sophisticated messaging platform to enhance and deepen your most valuable client relationships.


Developed & designed specifically for the Financial industry .


Self-documenting conversations with full control & visibility.


Fast implementation, improved operational processes & reduced costs.

Communicate securely with your clients.

Built by financial industry experts.

Increasing client/customer engagement.

To help monitor, capture and report.

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Capture and seamlessly integrate all your clients’ favourite chat platforms into a single secure platform providing a unified view to your staff.

Clients spend 3 out of every 5 minutes on their mobile phones in chat. Bring your staff & services to clients in chat while supporting compliance.