Linux To Go Live Drives

SPYRUS Linux2Go drives bring a new dimension to the world of secure mobility operations providing a  secure Linux operating system on a USB 3.0 SSD drive, incorporating the most advanced encryption and security technologies with the greatest versatility in size and performance features in the industry.

Cryptographically assured

SPYRUS Linux To Go drives boot the OS and completely bypass the host computer’s hard drive. There is no impact on the host computer and no footprint left behind when the drive is shut down.


Numerous health checks validate the integrity & detect tampering of the hardware and firmware of the drive.


The Linux To Go entire Boot Compartment can be protected by placing it in a hardware enforced read only mode.


Enterprises can perform standard smart card security functions such as multi-factor authentication and VPN access.

Secure Operating System

The Linux2Go drives defend the integrity of the operating environment throughout the boot process of each profile, even when the drive is booted on compromised systems. Numerous health checks validate the integrity and detect tampering of the hardware and firmware of the drive, as well as the SPYRUS ToughBoot™ loader and the Windows bootloader, prior to booting the OS. 

Computer Replacement

Linux To Go devices provide an outstanding solution for the challenges involved with supporting a cost effective technology refresh of older, less highly featured computing platforms. Documented business cases have shown that an IT organisation can save up to 75% in per-employee IT costs by issuing hardware-encrypting drives such as the SPYRUS Linux To Go with repurposed older PC's  and eliminate the need for purchasing new laptops.

Secure Portable Workplace & WorkSafe Pro

Two models of SPYRUS Linux2Go drives are available: the Secure Portable Workplace (SPW) and the WorkSafe Pro (WSP). Both models combine Secured by SPYRUS™ encryption and security technologies with a USB 3.0 drive. Enterprise users can enjoy the mobility of a pocket-sized, Linux To Go drive with authenticated access to all their enterprise network resources.


Linux To Go WorkSafe Pro is an SSD that delivers rich identity and authentication capabilities of an embedded Rosetta reader-less smart card as well as a fully hardware encrypted compliant Linux environment, that can be carried in your pocket for use on any PC.

Always-on, tamper-proof hardware encryption prevents data at rest from being accessed, deleted or modified. WorkSafe Pro encryption keys are never stored in flash memory.

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