3825 Technology

3825 Technology is a Cybersecurity solutions provider focusing on delivering unbreakable digital chains of trust. This includes credentials, access controls, device management, cryptographically assured portable Windows Enterprise and Linux operating systems and encrypted storage, that logically enforce least privilege and separation of duties across the enterprise.

Our key technology partner is SPYRUS Technology, INC, which provides us with secure Hardware Security Modules for our platform which are approved by US and other major governments.


At the core of the SPYRUS and 3825 technologies is SPYCOS (SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System). SPYCOS is the firmware operating system incorporated into SPYRUS hardware devices. It supports more cryptographic algorithms than any other commercial product and dynamically allocates nonvolatile memory.


3825 provides 2 unique offerings focusing on vulnerability protection, access control and identity management.

The 3825 solutions ensure that access is absolutely prohibited to all but approved users and devices, verified by a cryptographic chain of trust that is based on a trusted root certificate authority based on over 25 years of U.S. Federal Trust, using the strongest cryptographic algorithms available.



Processing and storing data whether hard copies or electronic copies if it contains EU residents or sensitive data, it must be stored and processed in a secure manner. Read about our GDPR compliant solutions.

Tamper Resistant & Tamper Evident 

Secure microcontrollers that are Common Criteria certified & validated to FIPS 140-2.

PKI Functionality

  Certificate storage space supports multiple applications, permissions, and identities.

Windows To Go Live Drives

Compliant Enterprise Windows Desktop

 Boot the OS and completely bypass the hosts hardware.

Secure File Transfer

Encrypt and control access to your files whether in the cloud or stored locally.