Breath life back into old pc's with windows & Linux to go live drives

Refresh Old PC'S

Your company has older machines still in operation but they do not have the horsepower or memory to run new operating systems or applications efficiently. Until now, your only option was to buy new hardware and software, creating a huge budgetary mess and expense and sending hundreds of laptops and desktops to storage or landfill.

2-5x Improvement

Windows/Linux To Go SSD quality memory speeds and USB 3.0 interface, can provide a 2-5x improvement.

Encrypted Operating Environment

A fully encrypted operating environment provides compliance and protection of company data.

Managed Environment

Old machines can be networked again and managed by using your own corporate image on the Windows To Go Live drives.

save up to 75% in per-employee IT costs by issuing hardware-encrypting drives with repurposed older PCs and Macs, eliminating the need for purchasing new computers.

SPYRUS Worksafe Pro and Secure Portable Workplace™ use an advanced XTS-AES 256 mode of encryption, totally transparent to the user while operating at SSD category speeds. It is the IEEE standard for full disk encryption and much stronger than using software based full disk encryption.

Enterprise management provides companies with the ability to control and manage deployed devices with numerous policy driven functions including user access, device enablement/disablement, “kill” inoperability, group or user policy changes, audit recording, and password changes.

Security & Cost Savings

By replacing the more limited capabilities of older operating systems with the advances of  Windows 10, the security and fast SSD speeds of the SPYRUS Live drives, provide a cost efficient means of extending a computer's life.