3825 eliminates the problem of lost, stolen and sold credentials.

The 3825 solutions come in two unique offerings focusing on vulnerability protection, access control and identity management by only allowing approved users and devices, verified by a cryptographic chain of trust.

Our story makes us unique.

Current access control and identity management solutions are flawed, they do NOT address the root cause, nor do they have end-to-end solutions, more emphasis is spent on detection and response than the underlying issue, which has led to unprecedented levels of data network security breaches.

The 3825 set of solutions uniquely addresses commercial security controls by logically enforced least privilege & separation of duties based on who is doing what, with what authorised device and where.

The 3825 solution is based on a trusted root certificate authority built from over 25 years of U.S. Federal Trust, FISMA compliance and commercial adoption, using the strongest cryptographic  algorithms available.

Restrict Access

Allow only approved users and devices to access network resources by a verified cryptographic chain of trust.


The system checks who the user is, what they are doing, with what authorised device and where.

Assign Rights

Admin assigns rights based on who, with what, and where, access is then allowed, restricted or denied.

3825 SaaS Architecture

What does the 3825 solution do?

  • A rights & policy management solution.
  • Provided as a secure managed or on-premise Software as a Service.
  • Electronically ensures & enforces access & rights privileges to critical data based on corporate policy, not written, distributed & interpreted.
  • Grants access to services, resources or IOT’s, under the control of an enterprise, only if user is authorised, device is certified, & assigned rights match – Who, What, When & Where.
  • No disruption to current systems & infrastructure – can be incrementally incorporated.


The Cloud-based Attribute / Role / Entity Arbitration solution (C.A.R.E.) uniquely addresses FISMA and commercial security controls with logically enforced least privilege & separation of duties based on who is doing what, with which authorised device.


The Cybatar solution provides enhanced Cyber Fraud protection with biometric verified user Pass & Terminal operating system that allows enforcement of controls at endpoint devices, based on discrete rules set by an enterprise in the C.A.R.E. solution.


For more information on the 3825 Access Control solution or an online demonstration, please contact us..